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Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

A to the K Tattoo...

Our local Pimp, Hi-Pitch Rich, had me put this AK-47 on his arm to fill up some available space. He liked it, I liked it...wicked.
...and this girl who raises horses had me design this tribal tattoo for her. It was her first tatty, and on her ribs...ouch!

Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

Good Characters, Inc. (oh, the irony) has launched a new application for Apple iPhones called "Chinese Alphabet".


The application uses a set of random Chinese characters to correspond with 26 letters in English alphabet. The company claims this will "add mystery to your writing".

At least they are smart enough to put up this disclaimer at bottom of the page:

"The translation provided by Chinese Alphabet is intended for personal use and entertainment only. Not recommended for tattoo artists to use this to tattoo their clients, iPhone app developers to localize Chinese apps, CIA agents to communicate national secrets, or security professionals to encrypt passwords."

Selasa, 22 Desember 2009


CLICK arrow to watch Video of Milledgeville,Baldwin County Georgia FIRE Departments in training on control burn house fire 12/09
Over 50 Fire Fighters from area Fire stations took part in this training exercise on burning house fire.

Have other local Fire Fighting videos at YouTube under    police2fire  SEARCH
also have just fire fighter photos at http://firefightersusa.blogspot.com
LINK at top right side above


Jumat, 18 Desember 2009

Eagle Tattoo...

One of my oldest, closest friends wanted an eagle tattoo on his back. He didn't want color, but I used a dirty red to add some shading behind it.
this girl wanted her fiances name on her neck, but she wanted the O to be a ring...clever!
this tattoo went on an Air Force refueling tanker pilot. His hobby is hot rods, so he wanted old school pinstriping in it also

Senin, 14 Desember 2009

FIRE DEPARTMENT, Milledgeville Baldwin County Rescue Firemen,Firefighters


Milledgeville,Baldwin County Georgia Fire Department Rescue

 Central State Hospital Fire Department tanker truck

Milledgeville Georgia Fire Department
Baldwin County Fire Rescue
Firefighter training drill

Minggu, 13 Desember 2009


At firs, it looks like pure gibberish - mixed Japanese and Chinese characters:

厉 カ ネ 羊

But looking more carefully, perhaps the idiot started with these characters:

But then he decided to switch from horizontal to vertical writing, and then split up the characters at the wrong places, making two characters into four.


By the way, what does mean anyway?

Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

from: Herouth M.
to: tiangotlost@gmail.com
date: Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 1:43 AM
subject: [Fwd: Emailing: P1230294.JPG]

Hi. I'm from Israel. Love your blog.

The story goes like this: I study Japanese for several years now, and I can read about 1400 kanji more or less. One day, my co-worker approaches me with his cellphone. "Can you tell me what this says?" he asks me, showing me a photo of a piece of fabric carrying the kanji 私変態. I take a look, and reply "It's not grammatical, but it basically says "I'm a pervert".


"'I'm a pervert'. The first character means 'I', the other two mean 'pervert'", where did you get that from, anyway?

"It's on my 1.5 years old daughter's shirt!"

After LOLing for about 15 minutes straight, I kind of demanded that he get me a photo of the complete shirt so I can send it to Hanzi Smatter. And here is the shirt, complete with the cute, luckless 1.5 years old "hentai" herself.

I mean, yes, I have seen intentionally-made "hentai" shirts around the web (and on Hanzi Smatter). Adults buy them and wear them for the laughs. But who in his right mind would put this on a toddler's shirt, and sell it in a children's clothing store rather than a joke shop? I can't imagine.

Yes, I suppose it *could* mean "metamorphosis", but really, outside scientific contexts, it's almost always means "pervert". Or am I wrong?



Cute kid, though. The "bunny" or whatever kind of cute animal that is also on the shirt is a nice touch. We have obviously uncovered a diabolical plot to "pervert" innocent youth with inappropriate hanzi!

By the way, the T-shirt would be cuter and better if it was grammatically correct, like:

私、変態なんです。[I ... am a pervert.]
私、変態かも…[I might be a pervert...]
As it is, it sounds more like Tarzan-speak: "me - pervert." You kind of expect "you - Jane" next.

Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

Graffiti Tattoo...

A good friend of mine came in the tattoo shop to get a graffiti piece that he designed on his arm. He gave me artistic liberty to shade and color the piece how I desired, and I think the collaboration resulted in a great tattoo!
...this tattoo was designed for a young guy who is a vocalist and writes music
...this 45 record adapter was put on a close friend who loves music
...and this baby's footprint was put on a mom

Minggu, 06 Desember 2009

HAIL STORM VIDEO, Milledgeville Georgia Hwy 22, Baldwin County GA.

CLICK arrow to watch Hail Storm video
Milledgeville Georgia  John Pluta
Hail Storm weather video, Baldwin County GA.

GCSU, Georgia College & State University,Milledgeville GA. Baldwin County

GCSU Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville Georgia

231 West Hancock Street
Milledgeville, GA 31061-3371
GCSU Phone Number 478-445-5004

                   GCSU  Georgia College & State University sign, Milledgeville Georgia
Georgia's Public Liberal Arts University  est. 1889
CLICK to ENLARGE any photo

Hearty Hall, Biology,Environmental Sciences,Chemistry, Geology,Physics,

College of Arts and Sciences, GCSU

Georgia College, School of Education, Milledgeville Georgia

GCSU Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville GA. Baldwin County GA.

LAW ENFORCEMENT, Police, Sheriff, State Troopers,Milledgeville Baldwin County Georgia


GCSU Police, Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville GA.

Georgia Military College Police Car, Milledgeville Georgia

Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009

CHURCHS, CHURCH RELIGIOUS buildings, Religion, Milledgeville Georgia

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Milledgeville Georgia  First Catholic mass 1845
110 N. Jefferson St., Milledgeville Georgia
Phone number  478-452-2421
TRINITY Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Milledgeville Georgia


St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Milledgeville GA.Baldwin County

220 S. Wayne St.,
Milledgeville GA. 31061

St. Stephens Episcopal Church Phone Numbers
Church  478-452-2710
School 452-3417

Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

HISTORICAL MARKERS, Milledgeville Georgia, Baldwin county history signs

Campsite of Union Army,General William T. Sherman, Milledgeville Georgia,Baldwin County 

ROCK LANDING, Creek Indians

Old State Capital marker, Milledgeville Georgia, Baldwin County GA.

HEALTH CARE & HOSPITALS, Milledgeville Georgia, Oconee Regional Medical Center

Oconee Regional Medical Center Hospital Emergency room entrance
Older original wing Oconee Regional Hospital

Older original Hospital wing, Milledgeville GA.
MRI Magnetic Imaging,   Oconee Regional Medical Center Hospital
Street side main entrance Oconee Regional Medical Center Hospital, Milledgeville Georgia

Kamis, 03 Desember 2009


Downtown wall Coca Cola ad sign

Milledgeville is the county seat of Baldwin County and the only municipality in the county. The city was incorporated and became one of the state's earlier capitals on December 12, 1804. The city was home to the state offices until 1867, when they were moved to Atlanta. The city was named for Governor John Milledge, who donated land to the University of Georgia.

In 1803, the city was laid out and designated as the state capital in 1804. Milledgeville holds the distinction of being the only city ever designed for the purpose of being a state capital.


Minggu, 29 November 2009

Remember Kinoki, the detox footpad, turned out to be a ripoff?

Alan and I present you, Osuke nutritional supplement:


For those who are interested, the product's laughable claims are detailed at its website.

However, we would like to point the readers to the five characters below OSUKE:


The phrase has virtually no meaning in either Chinese or Japanese. But, using our handy-dandy Decoder Card for Gibberish English-Chinese Tattoo font, guess what 行迎友先天 corresponds?


After reading the product's name is complete gibberish, would anyone pay US$37.95 for a bottle of this supplement?

Rabu, 25 November 2009

Dumpster Graffiti...

Over ten years ago, I was asked by the owner of a dumpster service to paint graffiti art on the dumpsters to give them personality, and make them stand out. Over the following years, the man who owned the business would become one of my closest friends. He had me paint over 25 dumpsters inside 3 years, and our dumpsters changed the look of the streets of this city by adding color and creativity wherever they were parked. I was almost never told what to paint, so most of the murals were straight from my head. Many of them are strange, to the point where I wonder if I made some of so weird just to make the average person scratch their head when they saw them.
I always covered every inch of those steel boxes with paint, often having a theme on both sides, while painting a graf piece on the ends. Now looking back, the days when I would ride my bike to the yard and paint in the hot sun are some of the best times I've had. My friend is now gone, along with his business, his dumpsters, and all of my artwork. People in this city still remember those colorful boxes that would be scattered though out the neighborhoods, and I try hard to remember all the good times spent with my friend