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Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Cross Tattoo...

Another great friend of mine wanted me to grace his arm with his first tattoo while visiting his town last week. He was interested in a cross with skulls worked into the design, and this is what I came up with. He really likes all of those 'Affliction' style shirt designs, so I thought this would be perfect for him.
Congratulations Johnny, you broke your cherry!

Goth Pinup Girl Tattoo...

One of my closest friends has been wanting a goth style pinup girl for a long time, and last week while visiting his city, I finally did him the favor. I really dig the tattoo because its a traditional pinup done with a modern goth twist. I also really like how the background came out and how it plays against the colors of the girl. Now my friend can stop nagging me!

Graffiti Tattoo...

This young man came in the shop to get his last name blasted across his back in some graf lettering. I Love rocking pieces like this! I really like this photo also, how he's flanked by his reflection on one side and the religious painting on the other.
And this kid came in to get some nice gangster script on his arm. I really enjoyed doing this too.
And finally, a dope lil piece in memory of Mom.

Happy Halloween...

My favorite holiday. Had to share my wicked skull face paint I did for a Halloween rollerskating party I attended last night with some friends. My skull face won me one of three best costume awards given out that involves a free pizza skate party. Not bad.I'm especially proud of this photo because it was taken while skating. I didn't fall, and I wasn't caught by the refs as there is a rule about no mobile phones while skating. Good job.

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

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Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

from: Kfir F.
to: tiangotlost@gmail.com
date: Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 11:36 PM
subject: Tattoo translation

Hi Tian,

I have a friend from work who has a tattoo on his arm. Since I knew about your blog I tried taking a pic of it & check with you if he really knows the meaning of what he has or not. He said it's written in Chinese and it says something like - there's nothing like mom.

Thanks a lot & love your blog.



The first character does not exist in written Chinese. However, there is one character only exists in written Cantonese, which means "not have". Of course, that is not what has been tattooed here.

Tattoo does not mean "there is nothing like mom", rather "not have the likeness of my mother".

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

from: Rok P.
to: tiangotlost@gmail.com
date: Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 2:07 AM
subject: tattoo translation


any chance you could translate what my sister just got tattooed on her neck?

It's supposed to be something in the lines of "as long as I breathe, I hope"

Thank you,



The five characters do not have same poetic meaning as she hoped. Rather, they are "living", "air", & "love".

Cracked.com recently had an article titled "5 Examples of Americans Thinking Foreign People Are Magic", and its intro to #2 was:

You know how it's been trendy for a while for white Americans to get Chinese or Japanese characters -- sorry, "Hanzi" or "Kanji" -- as tattoos? The idea seems to be that if you get the English words "STRONG" or "BEAUTIFUL" tattooed on your arm, you look like a bragging retard, but if you get it in Japanese, it is suddenly meaningful.
from: Matthew L.
to: tiangotlost@gmail.com
date: Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 4:03 PM
subject: This Tattoo...

Hey Tian,

One of my coworkers has this tattoo on her wrist which she had done in Bali. She thinks it says the following:

1. live your dreams (Tailand)
2. just fucking dance (China)
3. let nature take it's course (Burma)
4. actions/protest (Bali)

Your thoughts?


for hanzismatter

顺其自然, without that extra piece in the middle, would mean "to let nature take its course."

Besides the terrible calligraphy, what a group of hodgepodge text.

Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Just in Time for Halloween...

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and Halloween is my favorite holiday. So this little pumpkin tattoo done on a girl's foot was very fitting for the season.

Texas Tattoo...

I really dig doing tricked out lettering, so when this guy from Texas came in to get this tattoo going down his side, it made my day.

Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010


I was very into this praying Jesus piece because I'm a religious person, and I really enjoy doing black and gray work.
This tiger fighting a cobra was this kids first tattoo, and he sat like a champ!
You can never go wrong with traditional, and this old school sparrow looks great on this girls foot!
GIrls love the flowers...